Life's Marathons

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of my first and only marathon so far in life. It was with my bride during Valentine’s weekend in Austin,TX. Here are the words I wrote after the race:

“Setting a goal so high and lofty like we did caused me to break down in tears this afternoon. What we thought was important and what we wanted to accomplish didn’t add up or match to what God knew was entirely different and better. The marathon was a symbol and metaphor of our marriage. We started out with our individual goals and ideas. Yeah, it was fun, but wasn’t reaching the depths God wanted us to reach to truly become one flesh. People all around us were lending support and cheering us on, but within us there was a breaking down taking place. During the race other people were passing us by and a feeling of hopelessness and anger came to the surface. Then it happen. A shift. A realization that had never occurred to me but had been there the entire time. This race is bigger than me. Not finishing wasn’t an option but finishing alone was. What are you going to do? Keep running until you finish but you have no one to celebrate it with? Or, stop running and wait until the race is completely over and you are forced to leave. Or, slow down and lend a hand? In that moment finishing together was all that mattered.  Everything else was for selfish gain. Because finishing together while holding hands is a testament to strength, endurance, humility, faith, willingness, want to, surrendering and trust. We finished the race.”

This morning we ran a sweetheart 5K race. We are now currently living in the Tulsa area.  It was 26° with a windchill of 12°. However I was aware that just as we were running separately during the marathon five years ago, we started out our morning separately as we were getting ready to leave the house for the race. My bride signed up to run a 10K and I had signed up to run a 5K. The tension between us reminded me of the experience that we shared five years ago as we ran the first 16 miles of our marathon. The BLESSING is during the last five years we’ve developed the skills and tools needed to reach a place of union quicker without squandering the moment.