Reflections on 2018

I’m sitting here with my daughter, Justice reflecting on this past year.  As I reflect on 2018, the bottom line for this year is the word - LEAN as in lean in.  It is the word I align all of my goals with. This is the word I aim for when life got difficult and I became a little uncomfortable with what was going on throughout the year that embraces success.   

Rather than run from discomfort I chose to lean in and learn from it. So, I made an acronym for it:

L - Learn
E - Evaluate
A - Ask for Help
N - Never Give Up

2018, thank you Jesus, was one of the best absolutely phenomenal times of my entire life as a husband, as a father, as a business person, and as a person in my community. My daughter Justice was born in May and she is a huge gain in our lives this year.

As we go into 2019, I’ve been reflecting and praying about how I want to align myself this year. The word I want to use is going to be SIMPLIFY.  Not Super Fly, SIMPLIFY. I want to keep things as simple as possible, not lazy, not taking shortcuts, not cutting corners. I want to make things efficient yet successful. I want to be able to explain it to my three year old daughter, Journey. I want things to be simple, I don’t want them to be over complicated in my business, in my community in my family, with my wife, with my marriage, across the board.  
I want to encourage you to figure out your word for 2019.  How was 2018 for you? How do you reflect on it? Identify your strengths and weaknesses. What were your gains or losses? How are you going to put a bow on this year as we move into 2019?

Be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Jonathan Oliver