Jonathan Oliver
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Life is what you’re born with. Living is what you do with it.


Jonathan “J.O.” Oliver

Jonathan Oliver is a personal development coach, motivational speaker, author, and a coach for stay at home fathers.

After struggling greatly through his school years, JO was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a young man. With a better understanding of himself, JO learned to use what had been a source of great struggle as a catalyst for growth, seeing his diagnoses as the two best gifts he has ever received.

Now a husband and father, JO’s mission is to help parents and families- particularly stay at home dads- redefine family according to what works best for them. With all the expectations and stereotypes around parenting, JO and his wife, Saran, have created their own way for their daughters Journey and Justice.

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JO has spoken to tens of thousands around the world; coaching students, professionals, educators, and parents to identify their gifts and fulfill their potential in the world by:

  • Becoming a more informed and a more connected parent

  • Creating a paradigm shift in how you view parenting and the role you have being a husband and a father. 

  • Breaking the stereotype of the “caveman” male and establishing a new family identity that is authentic and deeply rooted in the values you and your partner believe in

  • Increased confidence in yourself and your capacity to understand changes and challenges are going to happen, but your faith and God given abilities can withstand the controlled chaos

  • Freedom from the physical and emotional stress and anxiety from not communicating and being transparent with your partner when you need help

  • A deep spiritual connection to your purpose as you answer the call of being a father while witnessing your family thrive from a more secure and enriched life